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You recognize the importance of an exceptional education for your child and have taken steps to advance their abilities.  Strong skills will benefit your child for a lifetime.  we are very pleased that you have allowed us to help in this very important part of your child’s life.

What is a Shadow-Class?

The Teacher’s Aid Inc. have provided programs and curriculum, behind the scenes, for many of the big box institutions, learning centers teachers and tutors.  We are using this opportunity to reach out directly to the parents and students that may be experiencing frustrations centered around homework, tests, report cards and GPA s.

We have a targeted solution that really works for Middle and High School students that want to catch up, keep up and get ahead.  This program is Not Easy, and will take commitment, but will ABSOLUTELY CHANGE your child’s ACADEMIC LIFE!



During the first phase of a Shadow-Class, The Teacher’s Aid Inc.(TTA) makes contact with the student’s classroom instructor.  We also work closely with their assigned guidance counselor and sports team coaches when applicable.  Partnerships between TTA, parents, instructors, counselors and coaches are vital to our mission…Student Success.

From the classroom instructor, we obtain a copy of the course syllabus along with the Test and Quiz schedule. We use this information and the states academic pacing guide (the pacing guide maps out the day to day academic goals for each class) to begin the process of creating a Shadow-Class.  The information is uploaded into proprietary software that provides the student with 24/7 access from any device.  Contact is maintained with the classroom instructor to insure that the student is getting what they need when they need it.  Students also receive a live tutoring session once per week within the Shadow-Class Plan.

Daily Practice

24 / 7 Access

Access from any device

Designed from Instructor’s Syllabus and States Academic Pacing Guide

Ultimate Results with Commitment

Live Tutoring Sessions